This is a case study of how I've created the 0 bugs policy in 2012, and applied it in several organizations.

I'll explain how to handle your bugs and increase the quality of your product. It is based on the policy I've invented in 2012 - the zero bugs policy. From then, it was adopted by startups and enterprise companies.

In this session, you will learn what is the 0 bugs policy, how to apply it correctly? How you should start?

It is based on things I've learned during the last 6 years applying it in different companies and the way it changed the software development paradigm in the world.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • 3 minutes - WIIFM - What's In It For Me? why should the audience put the cells down and listen?
  • 2 minutes - about me.
  • 3 minutes - explaining the policy.
  • 6 minutes - different ways to triage and handle bugs that are not working
  • 8 minutes - explaining the policy in deep
  • 2 minutes - how does it change the culture of the organization?
  • 3 minutes - How to start?
  • 7 minutes - What did I learn in 6 years of applying that in different places
  • 2 minutes - more applications for 0 bugs policy
  • 2 minutes - further read
  • 5 minutes - Q&A
  • 2 minutes - contact options

Learning Outcome

You will learn a new way to triage and handle your bugs in your agile organization. It will increase the quality of your product, reduce the time you waste on triaging and will change the culture of your team to be much more agile.

Target Audience

Scrum masters, Product owners, Developers, QA, managers, tech leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind.


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