Premortem — how to save the patient after they died?

The idea behind premortem is to find problems before they occur.

In software development, whether you have a formal launch of a big release or an informal one of a small feature, there is a point in time where you can stop and imagine what would happen if.

In this session you will learn what is pre mortem and how to do it right!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

3 minutes - WIIFM - What's In It for me? Why should you listen?

3 minutes - about me

4 minutes - what is pre mortem?

5 minutes - why to do a pre mortem

4 minutes - what is it not (planning/ threat modeling/...)

10 minutes - how to do a pre mortem with gamification?

6 minutes - live example - pre mortem on the conference itself.

8 minutes - Q&A

2 minutes - how to contact

Learning Outcome

You will learn a new disruptive way to save your projects in an agile world.

You will learn how to use gamification in order to do pre mortem right.

Target Audience

Developers, Product managers, QA, Leaders, managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mindset

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