The results of introducing Agile at scale: WIP down by >30%, team confidence up by >20%

Does Agile at scale really work? How do you quantify the improvements? How long does it take? Come to this session to understand the key elements of the first year of implementing Agile at scale in Australia's largest wagering and gaming company: Tabcorp.

With a growing pipeline, reduced budget, frozen headcount and Australia's largest merger on the horizon, a perfect storm was set to rage unless we adopted Agile at scale to prioritise the delivery of work in our largest portfolio of 350+ people, and implemented ways of working that enabled the Business and IT stakeholders to collaborate continuously through delivery.

During this session we reveal the fundamental elements to a successful deliver transformation that reduced WIP by >30%, increased delivery team confidence by >20% over a 12 month period, lead to unexpected examples of Business value being delivered, and what elements you need in place to achieve the same (or better!) results. For example:

- how do you make $20 million of in-flight work visible?

- how do 350 people collectively plan their work? (including Business and IT stakeholders)

- how do you convince people the LESS work-in-progress leads to MORE productivity?

- how Big Room Planning pays for itself: the unexpected Business Value we delivered from real time collaboration

The session shares real data and photographs from the transformation to bring you inside the journey, and concludes with take away actions for companies ready to step forward and adopt Agile at scale.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The session will follow the structure below:

5 mins - introduction and context

5 mins - describing the problem statement: what was wrong with the status quo

5 mins: solution 1 - how we made our portfolio visible to 350+ Business and IT stakeholders

5 mins: solution 2 - how we continuously collaborated (Business and IT) to plan and deliver $20 million of in-flight work

5 mins: solution 3 - how we built trust and increased teams' delivery confidence by >20%

5 mins: behind the scenes - what else needs to be in place for scaled Agile to succeed?

5 mins: takeaway actions - what can you take back to your organisation

5 mins: Q&A

(5 mins buffer)

Learning Outcome

People who attend this session will achieve the following learning outcomes:

* understand key elements of scaled Agile, and how to apply these

* understand the benefits of embedding scaled Agile across large portfolios

* understand takeaway actions to get started with implementing scaled Agile in their own organisation.

Target Audience

CIO, VPs, General Managers, Portfolio Managers, Business stakeholders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should understand the basics of Scrum and Agile.



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