Intelligent Conversational DevOps for the Enterprise via Bots

The highest level of DevOps maturity has always been envisioned as a centralized DevOps Platform providing DevOps Services on demand for various functions of the IT organization. Self Service has been the defacto face for the DevOps Platform offering a classic form based user interface for requesting DevOps services. However, specific nature of processes and tools proliferation inside each customer enterprise have resulted in numerous challenges associated with building and maintaining a self-service portal for DevOps services. In this talk we will be presenting how Bots helped resolve the challenges associated with creating self-service platform by connecting people, tools and processes together by means of Conversational DevOps. We will delve into a case study where by implementing this concept we were able to achieve 60% reduction in onboarding time of applications on to DevOps platform across 650+ applications and add intelligence to the overall DevOps ecosystem.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Total 20 minutes will be divided as follows

  • Establishing context for Self-Service Portal based DevOps
  • Overview of Intelligent Bot based DevOps framework
  • Steps to implement the framework
  • Benefits seen via implementation

Draft version of the deck linked to the proposal.

Learning Outcome

Audience will get an insight on how Bots can provide a robust and intelligent Self Service based DevOps ecosystem and how to jump start large DevOps transformation with reusable bots.

Target Audience

Folks who are involved in DevOps transformations for large customers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience with working in large DevOps programs and on concepts of CI, CD is desirable


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