Why Story telling is important in Agile?

My session is mainly focussed on how the art of story telling can help while demonstrating the product to have delightful customers/stakeholders.

We always talk about continuous delivery in Agile and knows that demonstration plays a big role in successful product delivery.

Most of the mature agile teams conduct regular demonstration(sprint demo, product demo or pilot run etc) with multiple stakeholders across globe. Both the parties(Agile team and Stakeholders) are very happy to have a successful demo, either to get the stories accepted or to impress their higher management about on-time product delivery.

But what is mostly missing in such demo's is the connection,feel and involvement of the audience with the product journey.

Product demonstration is not only about getting the stories accepted at the end of the sprint OR conducting pilot run with the stakeholders to make them happy about on-time delivery. Its really important to connect the dots between challenges, achievements, quality and finally the success while demonstrating so that everyone can connect themselves to the journey of the product in the form of story.

How the art of story telling can help in demonstration?

  • First thing to know is about your audience and what you need to give them in limited time.
  • You should know the product and its journey so well that you can relate your experience with small real time examples.
  • Always get into the nerve of end user while demonstrating but keep in mind about time.
  • Talk about good times and bad times team has gone through in brief
  • Be calm and maintain the same pace throughout the demo
  • Keep your audience engaged by asking questions time to time and do not leave any question hanging in the air.
  • Always end your demo with some summary like we end stories with punchlines


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Structure of session:

  • Introduction
  • Know your audience
  • Set the plot and be creative
  • Punchlines and tension
  • Engage your audience
  • No limits, no boundaries
  • Enjoy the process
  • QnA

Learning Outcome

Key take-away for audience:

  • Delighted customers/stakeholders
  • Helps in building good relationship with the customer
  • Product journey as a constructive story

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Product Managers, Delivery Managers, Tech Leads, Tech Team

Prerequisites for Attendees

Anyone can attend this session.

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