Big Agile is Coming, but are Big Technology Leaders Ready?

2019 will be the year of Big Agile, where large adopters like General Motors, the Department of Defense, the State of Michigan, Lockheed Martin, and others, who have combined IT budgets exceeding 100 Billion dollars, have all announced their desire to “go agile” at a scale not yet seen in our community. Are technology leaders who cut their teeth in a low-trust, command-and-control, high-documentation environment prepared to make a successful transformation? What will Big Agile look like, and how will it affect the rest of the community?

Jeff Dalton thinks this is will be our industry’s biggest challenge, and he’s been studying it for years. As the large adopters in the federal government and corporate sector begin to adopt agile, they’ll bring their habits, culture, and bureaucracies with them, and in dozens of podcasts, articles, books, and keynote speeches Jeff has been talking about getting in front of the wave. His latest book, “Great Big Agile: An OS for Agile Leaders” is available on Amazon, and he has written for CIO Magazine, CIO Online, Better Software Magazine, and the Cutter IT Business Journal on agile leadership in a large-scale environment.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Jeff will use PowerPoint slides with a mix of text and images to underscore his talking points. It will be a lecture-style presentation that covers the broad outlines of his abstract, with a Q&A section at the end.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will leave this workshop with an understanding of the coming wave of Big Agile, and how they can best position their teams and organizations to implement agile at scale successfully.

Target Audience

Agile leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of agile principles


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