Change is difficult. Changing something you have done for 25+ years is an excruciating experience. What if you are tasked with leading change in an organization where employees are resisting the change, even fighting it? You won't be get the most popular leader award for sure!

I will talk from practical experience about:

  • How pushing change, even if successful in not short term, will not be a sustainable change.
  • Leaders lacking empathy and curiosity will not being able to create a psychologically safe environment needed by people adopting change.
  • Building agile teams is not enough. We need agile organizations.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Points covered in the talk will first highlight what not to do while leading a change like agile adoption. This would be covered either by:

  • Citing examples and scenarios
  • OR interaction with audience
  • OR small activity

I will then lead the audience towards better alternatives to all the points covered.

Learning Outcome

Help leaders create a container that will enable change in an organization that is in its early stages of agile journey.

Target Audience

Agile leaders; Early agile adopters

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