'Crash course' on developing High Performing Agile Talent!

Finding 'agile ready' and high performing team-members in a truly Agile environment can be a real challenge. This is true for organizations that are new to Agility as well as those with mature Agile teams….

Let’s face it - with highly matrixed teams that are always on the move - it can be difficult to assess, train and develop team members. Hiring, retaining and developing people is not someone else’s job. We are all responsible for developing the ‘right’ talent.

In my talk we will cover a lot of ground on identifying, assessing both performance and potential, and making decisions on talent investment and management.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Join me for a fun, engaging and interactive session where I will share with you a simple approaches that you can start using immediately to start identifying, assessing and managing the 'right' talent in your organization.

This interactive session begins with an engaging poll where the audience participates. I will then share my personal experiences in both US Federal and Private organizations where I successfully developed talent and built high performing teams. I will show you a simple ways that can catalyze talent development...

With audience's inputs we will get a pulse check on the agile talent related challenges faced by IT organizations of varied verticals, sizes and maturity. We will discuss how it is even more difficult to conduct 'succession planning' in Agile programs, and how critical it is to pay attention to building a pipeline of Agile Talent.

My presentation material will be concise, crisp and easy to grasp. I plan to make the session lively and engaging. I plan to present this topic because

I am very passionate about Talent development, and firmly believe that it is a 'problem area' in many organizations. When I presented this topic at agile2018, San Diego, California - I had the room packed, and got lot of kudos and great feedback.

I am excited at the potential of sharing my insights at Agile-India! I hope you will join me!

Learning Outcome

You will learn how to assess your team for both performance and potential, understand the difference between potential, performance and readiness.

You will learn how to facilitate simple discussions that can help you to develop a solid succession plan for your top performers and a plan to develop the others.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Project / Program Managers, PMO team, Leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have basic Agile fluency, and familiarity with Scrum, Kanban, andother agile methods. They should also have experience working with software development teams.

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