The book of Tao (400 BC) is about Agility,

Lao-Tzu (老子), who presumably wrote the book, was the first documented Agile coach, advising Duke Xian, of the Zhou dynasty thru the Chinese empire transformation.

In this session we will hear his story, dive into the principles of Taoism and understand the deep connection between Taoism and agility.

We will connect to the idea that the whole world is one, discuss the power and risk of definitions, and examine the relevance of this to the agility of people, teams and organizations.

We will also get a peek into "The Agile Tao", a fascinating book by Peter Merel that refactors the book of Tao into Agility.

A journey of a thousand miles begins at the spot under one’s feet. join us as you are.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will contain a few short meditations, the story of Taoism, and mainly a sample of the book talking about topics such as Agility, Leadership, Acceptance, Hierarchy and Respect

Learning Outcome

A deeper understanding of agility and the role of the coach in it.

Target Audience

Anyone seeking to connect to the roots of agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

An intimate space with no noise leaking from other rooms would be perfect.


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  • Marina Alex. Simonova

    Marina Alex. Simonova - Saving lives with Agile

    45 Mins
    Case Study


    Agile in Medicine

    Is it possible to create an Agile clinic? How can cross-functional physicians teams work using Scrum? How does Agile in medicine effect a patient's health?

    This is a story of how Agile literally changed lives.

    In early 2017, the owner of a major medical network came to me and said that he wanted all his clinics to go through an Agile transformation. At first, I could not believe my ears. I know how to bring Agile to sales, but I had never worked with doctors. However, he managed to convince me, and this turned out to be the most difficult, yet also the most interesting and rewarding, project in my life. Now I know for sure that Agile is the best thing to happen to medicine! Come and hear this fascinating story.

    This is the story about how we created Scrum teams including everyone from the security guard to the head physician. About the immense resistance with which the Agile coaches had to face and which almost lead to the death of the project. And how, eventually, Agile helped the clinic to increase income and the patients started to line up to receive treatment in that clinic.

    This is a story for everyone. Agile has long transcended the IT borders. Not everyone agrees with it, but this is our reality. Agile transforms people's minds, and without that transformation, businesses will just fail in our quickly changing world. If Agile turned the worst chain clinic into the best among 40 others in just 5 months, and patients drove across the whole city to be treated exactly there, then imagine how your business will improve if your Agile transcends the IT sphere? And, mainly, how much happier will you, your team and your clients or patients become?

  • 20 Mins
    Experience Report

    This experience report shares how ‘Skill the Gap’, a not-for-profit organization, is building the leaders of tomorrow using Agility and thus making sure the next generation have great places to work.

    We are doing this by upskilling ‘first job seekers’ from schools and universities in the core individual, team and leadership skills needed for Agility. This is done globally at scale and at no cost to the participants.

    What do these ‘new collar’ workers need in terms of skills that they are not getting today and how do they get them at no additional cost? We help bridge ‘the gap’ between what schools and universities deliver and what businesses need.

    57% of worldwide leaders say that it’s the soft skills that are more important than core competencies in this dynamic digital world. So, what are these skills and how do we plan to upskill 1 million first-job-seekers in the first 2 years of operations?

    “Team working is an individual skill” and training, coaching and equipping the next generation with these key skills before they enter the work place will enable them to be successful from day one and go on to be great leaders.

    We don’t stop there…we also place them at our sponsor organizations, thus giving them the opportunity, they need to shine. The sponsors enable us to give the students these skills at no financial cost.

    We will share our initial experiences and feedback, the 4 pillars of our curriculum and the 40 micro modules of magic.

    We use ‘training from the back of the room’ techniques, volunteers in 4 continents and a unique curriculum, to embed the learning and couple it with mentoring and coaching to deliver a unique learning experience that is scalable and is being currently rolled out in 6 cities from Miami to Melbourne.

    Check out for more details.


    Regis SCHNEIDER / Dov TSAL - Apprehend managerial posture in Agile context thanks to Agile games

    45 Mins

    Agile Games are a very interesting way to help people who engage themselves (or who are asked to...) in an Agile approach.

    We will experience a number of them, centered around managerial postures.

  • Dov TSAL

    Dov TSAL / Regis SCHNEIDER - Wake up your meeting culture

    45 Mins

    Meetings are all about Individuals and interactions, would you say they are agile?

    Sadly, most people say theirs are not...

    In this session you will learn why most attempts to hack meeting culture fail, and what you can do to hack your meeting culture, overcome resistance, and use your meetings as a source to wake up your company culture.

    Dov and Regis, the creators of the #MeetingSpicer, a coaching tool to painlessly hack meeting culture, will share with you the tool, and walk you thru some surprising tips to make your meetings come alive.