We talk about a journey of a product where as a team we made a conscious decision to incessantly strive to keep things simple and lean (by default).

I will share examples of companies like Muji, Braun, Bose, Leica, Apple, Google - that are trying hard to keep their product and UX designs simple. Getting inspired, we chose to use the philosophy of “Keeping it Simple” in building our teams, adopting Agile methodologies, choosing the right set of ceremonies, technical practices, UX design etc. In addition, having the voice of our target users in the development process, helped us build the right MVP and eventually churn out the product that delighted the business and users.

We kept asking the question “how can we make this simpler?” Answering this was important, for each aspect of the website design or the code being written for it. There were times when we wanted to pull our hair out, but hey, who said unbundling the complexities is simple. But then again, simple is harder than complex.

Try to get your head around the above paradox :).


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Overview
  • Designs and products that evangelise simplicity
  • Starting Lean
  • Build v/S Buy
  • Design Thinking. UX research
  • Team building
  • Leaving thought around simplicity

Learning Outcome

This talk covers subjects such as design thinking, user experience, lean, product development, build v/S buy.

Main outcome would be to encourage audience to keep their thinking simple and clean, to inspire people to build wonderful products that solve real problems.

Target Audience

Product Managers, UX, Business Owners, Product Owners, Business Analysts

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