Leadership through Vishnu incarnations

Leadership has evolved over the years. Many people think that it is a concept which has evolved in the last few years, whereas the fact is that leadership is arguably as old as the humankind itself.

For startups or big corporations alike, evolving leadership is a big challenge. Through this talk, I am going to discuss how we can learn leadership through Vishnu incarnations. As we move from the first avatar of Vishnu to the last, we will learn how leadership has evolved.

This talk is the first of a kind where mythology and leadership go hand in hand.

The best part of the talk is that it can be seen as a 10 step guide to be a leader people love.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to each Vishnu Avatar

Followed by leadership traits and style we can learn from each avatar

Learning Outcome

People will learn evolvement of leadership

How leaders can be mentored to take the roles

How can one become a great leader

Personal growth from mentor to a leader

Target Audience

Anyone who wishes to understand and explore leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees

Open Mind


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