Collaboration is at the heart of healthy agile teams. Teams that collaborate well are better enabled to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet customer and business expectations, but exceed them. However, collaboration is much more than just communication and coordination. Highly collaborative teams are inclusive and open to new concepts, where individuals feel valued not only for the contributions they make, but also for bringing their different ideas and perspectives to the table.

Mindful agile is the perfect combination of the agile mindset with mindfulness that enables teams and organisations to build an agile culture that truly embodies the agile values and principles. It allows teams to work together with greater cooperation to truly collaborate, overcome difficulties, share ideas, and challenge each other without falling into chaos and conflict.

This workshop will help you deeply understand the agile mindset and how mindfulness enables you to truly embody the agile principles. Mindfulness enhances interactive communications to allow you collaborate more effectively. Through mindfulness, you will better understand your customers’ needs to produce solutions that they love. Mindfulness enables you to think more clearly resulting in better decision making and creativity that drive innovation. You will gain a practical understanding of why mindfulness is the essential ingredient for creating an effective agile culture.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Session 1 : The Agile Mindset. Participants will explore the agile mindset along with the agile values and principles.

Session 2 : Mindfulness. Mindfulness will be explained along with scientific research on the benefits of mindfulness and various mindfulness exercises.

Session 3 : Communication and Collaboration. Principles of effective communication and collaboration will be explored through the lense of mindfulness, as well as interactive exercises and mindfulness practices.

Session 4 : Creativity and Innovation. Mindful techniques for creative thinking and innovation will be explored with further exercises and examples.

Learning Outcome

  • A deep understanding of the agile mindset.
  • Understand mindfulness and it's benefits.
  • Why mindfulness so important for effective collaboration.
  • How to use mindfulness for creativity and innovation.
  • Learn various mindfulness techniques.
  • How to implement mindfulness practices in agile teams.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the agile mindset and real teamwork

Prerequisites for Attendees


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