This is DevOn's unique framework which brings the value of DevOps principles for any size of an organisation from small business to larger enterprises. Since the design of this framework is loosely coupled and modular architecture, it provides the advantage of the plug-n-play approach. Tools are treated as an enabler on this framework to deliver a deeper experience on DevOps principles. The core component level configurations are deployed via templates to implement quicker time to automate.

The DevOn's DevOps framework helps the various level of configuration from development to production without much effort. Since toolsets are carefully selected to make the very lightweight and designed to adapt for any number of applications regardless of any environments. This gives the advantages of cost-effectiveness and maintainability without demanding high-end skillsets. Technically, not much programming experience for simpler configuration changes. Framework architecture is event-driven with high QoS and designed with high security in all the layers.

Moreover, integration can be achieved with NLP (Bot) based technologies for any level of requirements to enhance user experience via self-service. Rich dashboarding designed with real-time analysis using AI/ML for predictive analysis and preventive measures.

This session includes extensive sample flows and multiple examples and case studies.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Moving towards E2E DevOps
  • Vision
  • Framework
  • Technology Stack
  • Security design considerations
  • Communication Protocols

Learning Outcome

By the end of session, learner will understand what is E2E DevOps and experience the DevOps principles with real-world examples

Target Audience

CTO, DevOps Engineers, Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Understand the basics of DevOps
  • Understand the basics of integration technology
  • Basic hands-on experience on Open Source toolsets
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