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In today's global market, organisations need to be able to adapt rapidly and effectively to change. During this session, Choon Heong LIM will share her insights on DBS' transformation journey to become a more agile and data-driven organisation. To deliver on its customer promise to 'Live more, Bank less', DBS has designed an enterprise start-up culture to drive seamless and invisible banking. Choon Heong will also elaborate on how DBS is re-imagining banking by driving ambitious innovation and productivity and building capabilities that make banking joyful for our employees and effortless for our customers.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Introduction to DBS
  • Where our Transformation Journey Began
  • Business Agility at DBS
  • Agile Auditing
  • Making Business Agility Throughout our Culture
    • BEANS
    • Learning Culture
    • Our Joyspaces
  • Closing

Learning Outcome

From this session, attendees will learn:

  • Specific tools and approaches to enable your organisation to embrace Agile thinking and approaches
  • Where does one start to transform the culture of an organisation to become more Agile?
  • What are common blockers to watch out for when going about your organizational transformation?

Target Audience

Senior Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

For this session, attendees should have a basic understanding of what Business Agility and Agile methods are. This session is intended for executives that would like to learn practical tools to be able to shift their organization's mind-set to be Agile.


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