Delivering next billion apps through Behaviours

In agile development, testing and delivering the right products at right time is becoming difficult. The biggest challenge is understanding the Business team requirements.
This talk focus on converting Business needs to behaviors and Automating the behaviors using Open source tools by integrating Devops.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The Talk will cover proven solutions around
1. How Business needs can be converted to behaviors
2. Common Domain language for Business and Development teams
3. How to automate the real Behaviors
4. Behavior driver development Framework and Tools
5. Comparison study with different tools
6. Build and Integrate DevOps tools in SaFe Agile environement

Learning Outcome

After this talk Software Engineering teams will be able to have knowledge on
1. Indepth understanding of Behavior driven development
2. BDD and open source tools
3. DevOps culture in SaFe Agile

Target Audience

R&D Development, Testing and Delivery teams


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