Bumblebee, raised as a Chatbot by instilling the purpose to serve the Thoughtworker needs, has to have the capability to expand and hone its expertise. Internally Bumblebee has been crafted as an ecosystem that can cater to queries of various domains. Thus Bumblebee has emerged as an ever growing multi-skilled bot.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- Introduction to Bumblebee

- Vision and Mission


- Role of the platform

- testing a chatbot

- How can evolving interactions improve the efficiency for operations

- Personal assistant fore all employees

Learning Outcome

- Building a multi skilled bot that can serve multiple domains

- Our learnings at NLP and machine learning

- How enterprises can adapt and change their organisational culture

- Do's and Dont's when building chatbots.

- Practices to adopt and adapt for building chatbots.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in chatbots - developers, Qa's

Prerequisites for Attendees


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