Managing large programs of work can be challenging. While business cases and initiatives are crafted to achieve specific business benefits, project management approaches are focused on managing delivery of a backlog of features that is often loosely coupled to the benefits. Agile has proven effective at providing early and continuous feedback on delivery versus the backlog. However, a similar feedback loop to continuously validate the underlying assumptions of the business case, is often missing. This often results in projects "achieving failure" by delivering on time on budget but failing to achieve intended business outcomes.

This workshop explains how lean start up hypothesis driven approach can help embed benefits management in Agile delivery. The approach discussed enables project teams, as part of their delivery, to continuously assess the validity of the business case underlying assumptions and measure how close they are to realizing the business benefits. Participants shall experience a journey starting from the business case, articulating hypotheses, mapping business benefits to leading indicators, designing MVPs, building, testing and learning from MVPs. Appropriate governance and funding models are briefly discussed. Exercises based on real case studies will help participants gain more insight to the presented concepts.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introductory Story

The problem with traditional benefits management in large PoW

Risk of budget/Schedule overrun Vs risk of not achieving business benefits

Can it be built on time/budget Vs should it be built?

Paradox of fixed business case Vs agile project

The missing feedback Loop

What is lean start-up

Concept of validated Learning

What can lean start-up offer

Quest to Learn

Build Measure Learn



Run Your Initiative as a Lean startup

Hypothesis based approach

Actionable Leading Metrics Vs. After-The-Fact Business Results

Practicalities: [A slide or 2 per topic. Just touching on the points]

Governance Model

Incremental Funding

MVP Testing [AB Testing – Exposure control - Etc]

Cost of Decision Making - Feeding the beast


Initiative/Product Owner Role

Where this would not work

MVP beyond software

Briefing and Q&A

Learning Outcome

Understand limitations of current benefits management approaches

Understanding key lean startup concepts

Understanding how to use lean startup concepts within the context of large programs in corporations

Target Audience

Leaders of initiatives, programs and projects. Everyone interests in achieving business outcomes.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Good understanding and experience of Agile


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