The not so "boring" way of Story Mapping and Journey Mapping

Story mapping is a visual representation of the product backlog with an intent to set the context between the backlog items and teams in delivering the product.

In this hands-on-experience workshop, we will talk about different aspects of story mapping- Why it is done, What it is and How it could be done. That would include creating/using "user personas" for setting up the Journeys. And building paper prototypes for references.

Additionally, we would be talking a bit about our experience using Story mapping approach while working in the big enterprise projects with the help of Jira story mapping widget and other tools.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Overview
  • Introduction to customer-user-mapping
  • Developing the story maps with the help of a use case.
  • How to link a story map as an outcome of a customer journey
  • Explore story mapping tools
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • High-level understanding of Story mapping
  • High-level understanding of Customer journeys
  • How to create story maps
  • How would a PO and Stakeholders benefit from it?
    • Prioritization the key

Target Audience

The session is open for all the agile enthusiast who would like to explore customer-story-mapping

Prerequisites for Attendees


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