7 Highly Effective Ds for Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Continuous Delivery Pipeline is needed to provide continuous release of value to the end user. Agility & DevOps principles and behaviors working in Alignment is the need of today to deliver & delight our customers. This session highlights the set of behaviors needed for Leadership to Enterprise Agility and Prosperity with Continuous Delivery pipeline. The pipeline consists of four practices: Continuous Exploration (CE), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Release on Demand applied in synchronization and cadence to build a rhythm for the enterprise applying Lean and Agile values and principles very much like the four elements of the Grandfather Clock with date; the hour, minute and seconds arms remaining always in sync and predictable heartbeat (cadence) to the date (milestone / release) perspective.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Welcome the folks with icebreaker (~3 mins)
  2. Set the stage: "What is Continuous Delivery Pipeline" (~3 mins)
  3. Highlight Agility and DevOps as the hallmark of the pipeline with a hands on activity (~3 mins)
    • Align Agile Manifesto & principles with DevOps Principles and Lean thinking
  4. Introduce the four elements of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline each with hands on activity
    1. Continuous Exploration (Dream, Discover, Define) ~(5 mins)
    2. Continuous Integration (Design, Develop) (~5 mins)
    3. Continuous Deployment (Deploy) (~7 mins)
    4. Release on Demand (Delight) (~4 mins)
  5. Collate Take-aways (~5 mins)
  6. Close out & Q & A (~10 mins)

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcomes

1. Appreciate the adoption of Continuous Delivery & DevOps needs a HOME: (Holistic Operating Model for Enterprises)

2.A purpose that aligns to LEAP: (Leading to Enterprise Agility & Prosperity) enables success of Continuous Delivery & DevOps

3. Organized CHAOS: (Collaborating Holistically to Achieve Objectives Set) improves results when implementing adoption of Continuous Delivery & DevOps

4. Appreciate its a journey of highly effective 7Ds; "Dream to Delight" across the four elements of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Target Audience

Contributing Leaders planning, leading, delivering change or adoption of Continuous Delivery & DevOps in the organization(s)

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic awareness of Agile Manifesto & Principles

Basic awareness of the 3 principles of DevOps

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