#LostInTransformation: Back to basics

You are accompanying transformations and you are having difficulties explaining your approach...
You promote transformations and you don't understand what those coaches are doing...
You have difficulties in engaging yourself in personal transformation...

Anyway, you're lost in these transformations! Let's forget those very complicated models or frameworks...

On the principle of Russian dolls where the same model is repeated at different levels, this workshop proposes to explore three key themes on three levels: Individual, team and organization. This will offer a new reading grid to the transformations you are involved in on a daily basis.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

- Making groups of people with similar contexts

- Presentation of Canvas: Scrum, House of Lean, PDCA Wheel

- Dealing with 3 themes in 3 levels of study thanks to the canvas.

Learning Outcome

We are able to explain very complicated stuff by using simple canvas everybody understand and also assume.

Each participant is given the time to reflect on his own path to gain new skills, competencies, job ...

This session is also the occasion to better understand the implications of the Agile Coach. And at the same time, it helps the Agile coach make him/her-self better understood.

Target Audience

People involved in transformation (of people, teams or organizations)

Prerequisites for Attendees

Come with your own context. Workshop works even better with groups of colleagues.

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