Is there a standard definition of what an Agile Coach does, or is supposed to do?

Why are there always different expectations of an Agile Coach?

We want to help expose some of the myths floating around, about the role of the Agile Coach. There are different notions and understandings of the Agile Coach role and often it is seen as someone who is doing the actual work, providing suggestions, direction, uplift for better velocity, teaching teams how to write stories, etc. All these things may have their place, but to say the Agile Coach does the work itself, is perhaps the biggest myth.

Another critical success factor for an Agile Coach is how we are engaged; too many a time we see Agile Coaches being engaged using an engagement model that is not set up for success. We will explore this and look at some ways to get the best value out of Agile Coaching.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Game Play : Experience Sharing( Worst Nightmare with an Agile Coach or being a Coach) : 10 mins

Interview(Role Play) with the Coach: 5 mins

Talk : 20 mins

Are you a James Bond Coach: Exercise : 5 mins

10 mins: QnA

(Handouts of James Bond Exercise and Set of Powerful Questions to be used as an Agile Coach)

Learning Outcome

As you participate you will hear and learn about other people's experiences and be able to take back some of these learning's into your professional lives.

Learn the Power of Saying No

Master the Art of Asking Powerful Questions and Challenging the Quo

Learn and Master the art of Active listening being an Agile Coach

Target Audience

Anyone who is a Coach or aspiring to be a Coach

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be ready to share your Agile Coaching stories: Good or Bad doesn't matter. Be Fully energetic ,involved and open to challenge.



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