Business Metrics that Matters in Agile delivery

Metrics is the key for any project success in terms of tracking the progress, making right decisions and measuring the outcome. Due to the short term vision of agile model, the metrics methodology greatly differs from typical project management delivery. Though agile offers and recommends some metrics, they are not efficiently used in timely manner to meet its purpose rather they are done to satisfy the agile needs and NOT business needs. In this session, I will be sharing some of the metrics that are much relevant and highly efficient not only to track the progress but also measure the delivery efficiency from the project management and business perspective. Metrics is not an one person activity rather everyone in the team contributes to it. So this session would cover the process that would enable teams involvement in creating and leveraging the metrics for the betterment of individual and team.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Typical metrics created in agile and its short come - 5mins

2. Proposed metrics that really matters and efficient from business perspective - 8mins

3. Examples from real-time projects - 4mins

4. Q&A - 3mins

Learning Outcome

Audience would get an insight into different perspective of creating and looking at metrics for the success of delivery. Understand what and how it can be done in an efficient way.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Scrum masters, Leadership position

Prerequisites for Attendees

Fair understanding of agile and project management experience in leadership/managerial role.

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