FInacle SAFe Transformation - Case Study

Banks across 94 countries, serving 848 million consumers, rely on Finacle, an industry-leading universal banking suite from EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the global IT company, Infosys, EdgeVerve develops software products that enable businesses across multiple industries to innovate, accelerate growth, and have deeper connections with stakeholders.

In 2015, the company set an aggressive goal of improving time-to-market, quality, flexibility, and predictability.

This case study takes the participants deeper into understanding the approach taken, implementation model, cultural impact and measurement of various aspects to visualize the progress and show transparency.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. The need for Finacle to move quickly into Scaled Agile

2. Where it started and what was achieved

3. The Implementation & Transformation Manifesto

4. The Implementation Principles

5. Measurements for progress tracking

6. Feedback from stakeholders

Learning Outcome

1. How to set the ground before achieving Agility @ Scaled

2. The approach towards embracing Agility

3. Visualization principles and communication across the organization

4. Various metrics defined, their interpretation and usage

5. Measuring through feedback about the effectiveness of the implementation

Target Audience

Agile Enthusiasts, Scaling Learners, Coaches, Managers, Architects


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