'Welcoming scope changes' in Agile based projects

As per Agile Principle #2, changes are welcome late in the development.

How late in the development can we welcome these changes? How does this impact the committed scope, schedule, cost & quality. How do we manage scope when requirements are refined continuously? How do we manage the scope when epics are open-ended ?

Agile Principle #5 mentions about building projects around motivated individuals & Agile Principle #8 mentions about sustainable development.

How do we keep up the team's morale and deliver a top notch software? How do we ensure that the changes do not impact their work-life balance. The key is to ensure that the changes are introduced at an appropriate time within the life cycle.

So, let's discuss the circumstances where changes are welcome.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Recap of key Agile principles impacting scope
  2. Striking a balance with other Agile principles inherently impacting scope
  3. Scope management as per PMBOK
  4. Scenarios in scope management for Agile based projects
  5. Identifying and accepting changes
  6. Ceremonies for scope management

Learning Outcome

Ways to manage scope changes in Agile based projects.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Master, Story Authors, Program Managers, Delivery Managers, Delivery Heads

Prerequisites for Attendees

  1. Should appreciate the applicability of Agile values & principles
  2. Should understand the execution approach for Agile based projects
  3. Should understand how fixed priced engagements are planned & tracked
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