How to use Agile in open ended RnD Projects

Agile is proven to work well for small, highly experienced, autonomous teams. In fact agile initially thrived due to such set ups. Which made enterprises to take notice and use it at a much larger scale. This created frameworks for transforming to agile organisations and Scaling of Agile at larger scales.

Agile works for mainstream development projects - period.

But can it be used for pure research projects with very high degree of uncertainty?

How can the standard agile practices - like scrum, kanban, sprints, demos, retrospectives, team velocity, release planning, backlog grooming and so on, be applied in such an uncertain RnD environment? What will work and what not?

I am a hardcore Agilist and have used Agile and SAFE in various contexts over last 10 years. My challenge last year was to solve complex problems that need hard core research with unpredictable outcome.

I will share my experience and present case studies on how I implemented agile in pure RnD setup. And how it helped us stay truly agile and progress faster.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Presentation
  2. Case Studies
  3. Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  1. How agile is Agile
  2. How to use it for open ended RnD projects

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Agile, specially implementing agile in RnD projects

Prerequisites for Attendees


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