Agilelistics – A Metric Driven Approach

What if everything we thought we knew about agile was wrong?

The nature of agile continually changes, which means its analysis must also keep pace. Agilelistics is for practitioners, thinkers, and theorists of agile.

The data analytics revolution and agile metrics gather around agile teams, has become agile's new language and currency.

What is Agilelistics? Agilelistics is the practice where metrics is used to drive the entire product development cycle. The use of just-in-time metrics to drive rapid, precise and granular product iterations. In an organisation who uses metrics, where everything from performance to usage patterns is measured. Every single decision is used by the development team is based on metrics.

Steve Morgan helps you to decipher the statistical data, and to use it to uncovering agile's hidden truths.

  • How do I know my team is improving?
  • How many story points should my team tackle per sprint?
  • How can I fix my team’s estimations which are currently not accurate?
  • Is velocity a true measure of an agile team’s performance?

Through a blend of entertaining storytelling, agile metrics and analysis, This Agilelistics session will answer common questions about measuring agile team performance.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Steve explores the science of statistics, data analytics and forecasting trends and how they apply to agile delivery.

Why are agile metrics important? So how do we recognise behaviours to transform a team into a high performance agile team.

How to use agile metrics to influence the agile team’s decision making?

Learning Outcome

How do leaders, coaches, scrum masters and even team members use agile metrics to build a high performance team. Discuss the science of statistics, economics indicator and forecasting trended and how they apply to agile delivery.

Come and learn about Agilelistics – A Metric Driven Approach– The presentation will help you learn the key principles which are:

  • Metrics which are applicable to metric owners
  • Layered metrics and correlated trends
  • Use metrics to when undertaken decisions
  • Categories of agile metrics • Quantitative metrics • Motivation vs Measurement
  • Leading vs Lagging agile Metrics

Quantitative metrics applicable to various agile frameworks, such as

  • Velocity
  • Burn-down charts
  • Burn-up Charts
  • Lean – Lead times
  • Lean – Cycle time
  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Qualitative metrics applicable to various agile frameworks, such as

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Team Morale (Employee Engagements)
  • Net Promoter Score

Target Audience

Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Release Train Engineers, Chief Scrum Masters, Lean Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some experience in agile frameworks like SCRUM, LEAN, LeSS and SAFe.

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