Pragmatic Agile - Doing and Being Agile

My focus has always been on delivering value rather than adhering to quite prescriptive agile frameworks or set theoretical principles, as these are not always practical.

The real world approach appeals to me, why not take a pragmatic approach to dealing with these realities while striving to still be as agile as possible?

How can we break down the barriers of transitioning from traditional to agile delivery methods?

Is pragmatic agile an excuse for taking shortcuts?

Pragmatic Agile helps us to identify practices that enable individual teams and their environment, with the aim to achieve on delivering value, while gradually transforming their context into a more agile-ready environment. As teams mature and continuously improve, they need to embrace additional practices that help them in delivering tangible benefits.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

How can pragmatic agile help transform a team from traditional delivery into a high performing agile team.

Come and learn about pragmatic agile. Do we need to implement rigid extensive frameworks to achieve agile excellence?

Can more flexible and light weight techniques still achieve positive outcomes for organisations?

Steve Morgan will explore a pragmatic approach to agile delivery, providing concrete advice that you can use immediately by linking several agile practices back to the Agile Manifesto Values and Principles.

Learning Outcome

How do leaders, coaches, scrum masters and even teams apply pragmatic agile to agile delivery.

Target Audience

Some experience in agile frameworks like SCRUM, LEAN, LeSS and SAFe.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some experience in agile frameworks like SCRUM, LEAN, LeSS and SAFe.

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