Democratize Product

Fast changing retail landscape, faster emerging technologies and continuously changing customer expectations are compelling reasons for organizations to change their way of working. Strong technical expertise is not a competitive advantage anymore. Your ability as an organization to proactively identify need of change, building the RIGHT product and ability to pivot, holds the key for future.

Organizations need to have the right structure to enable the Product culture and mindset, but that is just a start. Right Product culture means that everyone on the team is aware of the

  • Purpose of building the product
  • For whom are they building
  • What will customer do with their product

Everyone includes business, product manager, product owner to engineering team.

The idea of Product needs to be DEMOCRATIZED.. come and learn how Target is building a DEMOCRATIZED product culture


Outline/Structure of the Talk

WHO - Quick Intro

WHY - Retail Landscape

HOW - Target’s Product Transformation

WHAT - We’ve Learned So Far

NEXT - A Few Challenges For You

Learning Outcome

Lessons learned from a TARGET (FORTUNE 50 company) Product Transformation journey

Target Audience

Transformation Leaders, Product Leaders, Technology Leaders, Passionate Product Enthusiast

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Public Feedback

    • 20 Mins
      Experience Report

      Journey towards MICRO: “MicroServiced - Containerized – Organizations” …...!!!

      The world has changed and we are all now software companies - Software is eating the world” – Marc Andreessen

      Today it is imperative Organizations to be a MICRO in today’s context as their relevance depends a whole lot on their transformations. On the other hand, it is not cake-walk to be a MICRO, considering the legacy of our industry and respective Organizations must have carried over the past few long years.

      Three mantras to get started in medium to large scale enterprises –

      • Consistent understanding of the goals
      • Move towards a Prudent Architecture
      • Ground level implementation strategy

      Talk also focusses on Fortune 50 Company - Target’s journey towards Immutable, Ephemeral and Service based IT systems enabling seamless end user integration and de-coupling components and also how Target was able to influence TM mindset and take very positive step in changing the cultural fabric of its organization for ever.

      Walk in and take steps towards MICRO…...!!!

    • Krishna.Sapare

      Krishna.Sapare / Nageswara Prasad / Naveen Kumar M - Dev Data Ops

      20 Mins
      Experience Report

      Data is not only the new oil, data is also a new soil - Mukesh Ambani”. Enterprises deal with lots of data and building insights out of this data is critical to their business and future growth. More competitive markets and digitization of data are making companies to invest on data science capabilities/competencies than ever before.

      However, data science solutions are not just mathematical equations and models. They involve lot of “CODE”, writing better code and iterating over several sets of data is crucial. Applying DevOps mindset and practices will enhance data science teams build more resilient, sustainable and maintainable applications/products, with high speed and agility