Why Your Agile Transformation will Fail without OCM!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast! It will eat yours too, if you don't plan for effective organizational change management (OCM).

OCM is a pivotal part of any technology change, organizational change, or transformation. Due to the faster pace of Agile projects in regards to delivering value, it is important to include OCM practices from pre-planning through implementation to properly lay the foundation for successful change.

This fun and interactive session will provide facts, guardrails, and tips to effectively manage the people side of change on Agile projects. It will also provide techniques to efficiently utilize simple changes that can bring the best ROI and impact on the transformation efforts.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The session will start with a pulse check , and revelation of the impediments that threaten, and often stop progress with Agile Transformations. I will talk about the ways in which leaders, transformation coaches and teams need to communicate, collaborate and work together to incrementally make effective changes to successfully transition to Agile.

I will discuss typical challenges that impede mindset changes toward adaptability, iteration, collaboration, and embracing change. I will present ideas on how the objectives of transformation must be clearly understood and adopted by everyone involved. I will also highlight the importance of Leadership support and buy-in around cultural shift.

I plan to keep the session lively and engaging. I plan to present this topic that I am very passionate about in an informal fashion that involves attendee participation. My presentation material will be concise, crisp and easy to grasp. During the presentation, I will share tricks and tips for using OCM, user adoption, and strategic communications to help with your Agile transformation.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away with a good understanding of the ways in which Organizational Culture directly affects Organizational Performance.

They will learn about how culture can impede Agile transformation, and the key drivers of culture . Attendees will also learn about the steps needed to address the cultural paradigm shift around the way work is designed, developed, and delivered, and also how to incorporate OCM into agile programs from pre-planning through deployment

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Project / Program Managers, PMO, Leadership, Team members

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Agile methods, and some experience with agile transformation and transition.

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