Transformations, Heliotropism, Ubuntu and such

Change is tough! Big changes are tougher!

As people initiating change as well as people experiencing change, there are some attitudes and stances that will help us ride the wave of change rather than falter and drown.

Some of these, amongst others, that have helped us immensely in our experiences are The Principle of Heliotropism and Ubuntu!

We would love to share our experiences so other can learn from our failures, successes and more.

Expect a lot of anecdotes!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Change is tough - also for change agents
  • The many traits and attitudes that can help us manage change
  • The Principle of Heliotropism and our experiences and experiments with it
  • Ubuntu and why we love it - experiences and experiments
  • More ideas

Learning Outcome

Exposure to some ideas and concepts which can help people initiating and driving change as well as experiencing change

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees



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  • vinaya muralidharan

    vinaya muralidharan / Carol Mathrani - Collaboration spaces - Yay or Nay

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Collaboration spaces, agile floor-plans, open office it or hate it, you can't ignore it.

    From our experience across various companies - some with 6 feet high cubicles walls to some with completely modern collab workspaces - we would like to share what seems to work and what doesn't.

    We would also link it to underlying mindsets and cultures and when and why some spaces seem to work better than others.

    We would also give examples of very high collaboration in very silo-ed workspaces - and when and why that works!

  • Amol Jain

    Amol Jain - Business 4.0 with Design Thinking: Killer Recipe for Disruption and Growth

    20 Mins

    The business models, markets, consumers, technology and the overall ecosystem is changing at an exponential pace globally. The customers have also become smarter and selective with the platter of available features in the market.

    This poses a threat even to the successful large organizations to be out-performed by disruptive start-ups and smarter competitors.

    So, what should your organizations do differently now to expand?

    What is the bare minimum required to at least sustain the market share?

    Is your organization stuck in a so-called enterprise-wide transformation? Need to find a way to optimize and steer the transformation with a suitable recipe for a sustainable growth.

    Are you looking at learning some enablers to tap existing talent in your company to produce extraordinary ideas and solutions?

    Let’s have a talk to learn and experience the various aspects of Business 4.0 with design thinking to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

    More to come to this.