Most of the organizations focus on adherence to frameworks, Agile practices, restructuring of teams & roles as part of Agile Transformation with minimal focus on cultural transformation. Even the very few organizations that do focus on Cultural transformation focus primarily on habits and policies than those driving the mindset, values and purpose. The intent of this workshop is to get the participants to understand the importance of cultural transformation, the aspects that one needs to focus on and also the means needed to define the organizational culture than it defining the individual.

The hands-on interactive session will introduce the participants to the Language, Habits and Mindset (LHM) template to be able to clearly distinguish the need for focusing on Organizational culture and the active involvement of the C-suite and Senior Leadership in defining the culture needed in the new ways of working.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


Brief overview on Organizational Culture and its significance in transformation

Importance of Leadership participation to define the target culture

Clear distinction between Language, Habits & Mindset

Learning Outcome

Participants would have a clear understanding of Organizational Culture

Understanding of Culture Agile Organizations would like to embrace

Understanding the Importance of C-suite participation in transformation

Target Audience

Executives, Senior Leaders & Enterprise Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have an understanding of various aspects of Agile Transformation at an enterprise level and the major reasons for failure of transformation initiatives

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Public Feedback

    • Arun R.G.

      Arun R.G. - Leading Transformations - A Leadership Guide to Transformations

      45 Mins
      Case Study

      Dear Committee,

      The Lean-Agile community and thought leaders have given good foundations & guidance through frameworks, methods, approaches for lean-agile mindset and for building modern organisations based on lean-agile organization structure. Yet, many organization transformations struggle internally to understand & realise the transformation business-benefits. In this proposal the Author: Arun R G is explaining some of the good patterns for leading transformation and to deliver successful & value based transformations in the organisations. The patterns explain "HOW TOs for setting focus" and the common / typical problems the author has observed and some problems which could have been easily avoided or resolved. We will explain a system thinking model and how successful and value is achieved with complete transformation. This proposal takes a broad and deep look at the transformation and connect the audience with the required patterns from Agile Teams to Scaling agile with Lean-Agile mapping (a new concept that will be introduced).

      Thank You.

      Arun R G