Power of Retrospectives - Potential to change Organization mindset

This is an interesting talk to explore power of retrospectives.

Unveil Myths and Reality/Facts behind the Myths

During transformation journey, I would highlight the role of Retrospectives as this is the core concept of Agile and using Retrospectives how organizations have potential to change the way they operate.. provided the Retrospectives are done right.

I will share my experiences on how self-organized teams emerge through the course of time during transformation journey. During my observation, Teams pass through 4 important phases of transformation using Retrospectives





Will talk through several examples, experiences during this talk.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Talking through the examples of Myths & Realities attract the attention, which also gets audience involved as they stat relating to the most common issues each team/projects/organizations face on a regular basis.

Getting into the Transformation journey and explaining the phases and helping to understand how self-organized teams are evolved.

Learning Outcome

Understand the Power of Retrospective

Learn how effective a Retrospective can be used

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Product/Project/Program management, Leaders, Executives

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