Project Management across the Public sector organizations are changing.

Thanks to the promotion of going Digital across the Private and Public Organizations, the pace at which Organizations responding to the change has gone a lot better.

But Do you think we've our Public sector systems are still at that pace to meet consumer demands?

Do you want our Public sector projects be more transparent? Don't we need the Public sector projects to showcase the ROI and benefit realization?

Don't we like to have the public sector projects spent and work only on Priority Items?

Do you see there is a value add knowing the public sector projects going Agile?

Why not ?

Lakhs of crores of rupees of Taxpayers money is going to all these projects for the benefit of every citizen of this country including the common man. Now that India is marching past 70+ years of Independence, Its time to showcase growth stories.

This Talk is focussed on Why Do I think we need Public sector projects NEED to be Agile..

What are the critical elements that can be implemented to get Public sector projects in Agile methodology.

Highlight and showcase the ongoing research figures and how and where Agile can make some difference.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

PS: While this is a keynote/talk i'm also thinking to see if this can be a workshop as it helps to gather more ideas around this and we can succeed together

Discussing on how public sector projects operate and challenges with the same

Highlighting the pain points and reaffirming the NEED for going Agile.

Potential benefits/advantages of Implementing Agile

Plan of action or recommendations how to go about it

Learning Outcome

Building a thought process of NEED for Agile in Public sector projects

Applying Agile and Identifying the benefits of Implementing Agile in Public sector projects

Netowrking and Identifying opportunities to contribute to the larger cause for the country

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Product/Project/Program management, Leaders, Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees


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