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ING has been a frontrunner in the banking industry for more than a century and aims to become 'one global ING' that delivers a consistent customer experience to all its customers across the globe. The bank has taken the first big step towards this ambition by uniting its two biggest countries – the Netherlands and Belgium. The project aims to create a single operating model across the border, with simpler, standardized processes and integrated activities that will improve operational efficiency and agility.

While everyone acknowledges that mergers and acquisitions are an essential part of scaling an organization's impact, however, these are usually executed in a very top-down, waterfall-ish approach. Typically such initiatives don't embody any agile values or mindset. As a leader driving this change, Rocky will narrate the story of merging 2 agile organizations with more than 8000 people's workforce. He will share his experience on how the two countries are joining forces, pooling talent plus creativity to deliver one set of customer journeys on an integrated platform, that will result in a truly empowering customer experience.


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Executives, Leaders, Managers, Coaches


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