Enterprise and Leadership Transformation

A global consulting firm specializing in Lean-Agile, Enterprise Agility, and Leadership Transformation. Our convention is to apply "Lean System Thinking" in your business venture to introduce affirmative changes. We are one of the few worldwide SAFe SPCT Gold Partners of Scaled Agile with over 100 years of combined experience in deep Enterprise, Cultural, and Leadership Agility transformations. We are continuously witnessing the extreme pace of business today that evokes and provokes desperation in the leaders and their teams towards the unaligned actions in contradiction with the shared vision of their organization. Unfortunately, the traditional work culture doesn't help much. There comes "Lean Agile Methodologies". Our approach has produced great leaders, who always embrace organizational changes with warm hearts and lead others to the way of lean agile transformation. The true power resides in the "+". Temenos+Agility is a combined experience of two parallels, being aligned with Agile and the Temenos theorem which frames a healthy organizational culture. This transformational approach is designed by Siraj Sirajuddin, co-founder of Temenos+Agility. If true Enterprise Agility evolves with the container's extrinsic transformation, then Temenos is the gateway to the collective transformation of the organization and the personal transformation of its participants.

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