Improving Developer Experience with E2E Agile Tooling - An Experience Report

Transparency and Traceability are the 2Ts that are key enablers in improving Developer Experience and improve DevOps culture.

Using an end to end Agile-DevOps tooling platform – Azure DevOps has addressed this effectively bringing the teams together and making work visible.

Leveraging the SCM, CI/CD Capabilities and bringing the technology close to requirement flow in empowering and improving developer experience

In this session i will share my experience in implementation of Azure DevOps application for the organization across 94 scrum teams and how we leveraged it to address the major gaps in Transparency and Traceability to build better developer experience.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- Introduction to self and Organization - (2 min)

- Our Problem Statement (3 min)

- Implementation of E2E Agile DevOps Platform - Azure DevOps (5 min)

- Learnings , benefits and challenges we faced (8 min)

- Next Steps and closure (3m)

Learning Outcome

- Importance of E2E Agile DevOps tooling

- Best Practices in Implementation of Tools in Agile DevOps environment

- Learnings and Pitfalls to avoid

Target Audience

CTOs, IT Architects, RTEs, Coaches, Program Managers and DevOps Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing Major, exposure to Agile Program and DevOps will help them assimilate the experience faster

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