Agile Transformation - it' start with my mind

Agile is maturing, the success of software development teams is pushing for scaling up to the enterprise level. One significant challenge is that not everybody in the organisation thinks like a developer. As important as adapting to a different way of thinking is to convince the people with money that Agile is way more than a trendy word. It can and it should make the enterprise more profitable.

Using a combination of presentations, case studies and interactive workshops the participants will get a better understanding on what Agile is, benefits and challenges of Agile transformations.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The structure of the workshop is a combination of information, Case Studies and interactive workshops.

1. History of Enterprise Agile

2. Why Agile - interactive workshop (identifying problems that can be solved by Agile)

3. Case Study - Scaling up - Lessons learned in a Start-up

4. Conclusion - Developer Mindset Change

4. Break

5. Enterprise Agile - Agile beyond software

6. Case Study - Scaling down to be Agile

7. Setting targets and Measuring the Benefits - interactive workshop (justifying Agile Transition Cost)

8. Conclusion - Executives/Managers mindset change

9. What's next?

Learning Outcome

The goal is to learn from presenters mistakes and successes done in over 25 years of practice using Agile in various organisations, from software start-ups to large manufacturing companies.

Target Audience

Executives considering Agile Transformation, Scrum Masters, Project/Program Managers, Agile practitioners. Teams that either failed or want to reached maturity and want to move to the next level: Agile beyond software/IT teams.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience or exposure to Agile practices, Basic understanding of an Agile framework (Scrum, XP, SAFe, LeSS) and desire to know more about Agile.

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