Embracing Cloud - Moving an OnPrem platform to Cloud

Talk will capture some details of the target platform that needed to be migrated to cloud. The six 'R's of migration - Re-host, Re-platform, Repurchase, Refactor, Reuse and Retire - giving the details of each 'R' step. We will delve into some details as to how agile methodology helped speed up each 'R' step making adjustments on the way and just in time.

We will end the talk with some Q&A with time permitting.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Approach to solution

How agile methodology helped

Cookie cutter approach for future migrations


Learning Outcome

Six 'R's of migrating OnPrem platform to Cloud

Where most time was spent in the migration effort

Target Audience

Executives, Business professionals, technical managers, Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

No Prerequisites to attend.

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