Applied Lean Agile and User Innovation in an AI Startup

When I fell in love withe Agile frameworks I discovered a new world of possibilities in the project management field, providing hope for the new innovations rising in the tech landscape, but eventually I found out I was not happy about how projects and products were born. My second love was innovation, but not the buzz word... it was the real one, user-centered innovation, so I figured out I'd had to get the best practices about it, then I went to an Innovation Bootcamp from MIT, where I worked with people from 40 countries, letting me get a better feel of what project management meant to different cultures, and I realized the lack of good practices in PM was key in product development early death. Now you see where I'm going... I intend to connect user innovation success with agile frameworks as the right way to build organizational transformation, and culture for success in complex environments, particularly related with my third love, Artificial Intelligence.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

First I explain the basics og agile frameworks, then I start to display examples and terms about user innovation, then I lead to the reasons why it is a lean approach, then I get deeper into the 24-step innovation programme, and the way everything is connected to be successfully applied in an AI company.

Learning Outcome

After the talk, attendants will be able to understand the importance of connecting the dots between these 2 important practices so useful for current industries, how organizational change is impacted by a structured cultular growth and how to go deeper into the topics, due to knowledge democratization

Target Audience

Project Managers, corporate leaders, change managers, agile practitioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic agile principles knowledge and the will to learn and debate


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