Building an Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning product in an agile manner

Building an AI/ML product is often very different from a traditional agile product because the steps and the team compositions required can be very different. In this session a 5 stage process will be provided which will provide a blueprint that can be used to build an AI/ML product in an agile manner. It will also provide members required for building an AI team, metrics that one could track from the perspective of an AI/ML product.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

5 step process to build ai/ml product on cloud - 6-8 mins

Metrics and unique elements in an AI/ML product - 5 mins

Team structure - 2 mins

Skills for self and org - 2 mins

Q&A - 5 mins

Note: Based on feedback slide link can be tuned to audience to add/remove content pls see slideshare link attached.

Learning Outcome

- Gain an understanding of steps required to build an AI/ML product in terms of process

- An understanding of the team structure required for AI/ML teams

- Metrics required for planning and executing an AI/ML product

- Some ideas on building skills on AI/ML for self/org

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Test Engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of product development

Some exposure to artificial intelligence /machine learning


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