Around sunset, a building architect was walking among workmen. Many were cutting stones. But one person caught his attention as he whistling and doing his job. It wasn't much time before he understood that he is breaking stones since morning. Out of curiosity, he went closer and asked him "what are you doing?". without blinking he said "Can't you see that I am cutting stones that is will build a great citadel. It isn't difficult to see that if we can help our team members to see the larger goals, mindset can be influenced.

Story telling is powerful. Why? It works holistically on the brain. Across age groups, people respond to stories. For a well told story, recipients empathetically respond. From a developer to a leader, stories help them communicate effectively. When one carefully see, all stories follow the same pattern "Selection, Connection & Relation" This talk will demystify the art of storytelling, its impact on mind of hearers and how could one can construct and practice story telling for driving change


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be a series of stories.

Initially will introduce participants to the three aspects on how to construct a story – Selection, Connection and Relation. This will take the prime portion.

Towards the end participants will learn how normal events around us from sports, daily life and work life can be converted to stories.

It will close with how it influences our human mind so that benefits are stressed

Learning Outcome

Method of constructing stories

How to convert simple events to stories

How stories influence human mind

Target Audience

Change Agents, CXOs, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Interest in influencing people



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  • Dana Pylayeva

    Dana Pylayeva - DevOps Culture Simulation (with Lego and Chocolate Game)

    90 Mins

    Organizations today can no longer afford to deliver new features to their respective markets once a year or even once a quarter. In an attempt to catch up with the competition, they jump start their DevOps journey with the "How", while losing the sight of "Why" and "What".

    Join this tutorial to gain a solid understanding of fundamental principles of the DevOps culture and avoid typical DevOps anti-patterns.

    In this gamified simulation you will become a part of a "large enterprise" and experience how DevOps will help to eliminate silos. You will experience the benefits of cross-training and start adopting systems thinking. You will participate in the debriefing with Liberating Structures and gain valuable insights that can be immediately applied in your organisation.

    The workshop is designed to be equally accessible to technical and non-technical audience alike. It bring together years of practical experience in IT, experiential learning models, elements of game design, Lego, Chocolate, and facilitation with Liberating Structures.

    Engaging, simple and powerful, this workshop is not to be missed.

  • Mosesraj

    Mosesraj - Value - Quintessence of Agile

    45 Mins

    42% of start-up failures are attributed to one reason - "They developed something that is not a need". Over the last few decades many organizations have spent billions in digital transformation. However, few years back Forrester estimated that $900 billion worth of spend in digital transformation will miss the mark. Be it startups or organizations that transform digitally, they both find their digital journey tough. In the user centric world, digital transformations are still plagued with traditional mindset. If we see from hindsight, these organizations could never ascertain value of their solution upfront from an end user angle. We need a value foresight to deal with this existential challenge and there is no crystal ball to predict it. So, the questions CIOs ask is – Can Value be defined and how can it be engineered into the solution? If value can be engineered in, can every team member be an innovator? Anything that is definable can be qualified, improved upon and dealt upfront.

    This talk will help define value and provide a set of aspects on how successful products in the industry have engineered value upfront. Talk will also draw experiences of digital transformation initiatives where the research from successful products have been implemented – CODEX, a project management platform that transforms the governance of engagements for customers & OnTheGo, mobile intranet in the hands of employees for their daily needs

    In a nutshell, this talk will drive home the point of value engineering every aspect of the product for best in class user experience and adoption.

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