A workshop about Personal Agility (PA) jointly delivered by Raji Sivaraman (Singapore/USA) and Michal Raczka (Poland). PA and its importance to Organizational Agility (OA) which is the core principle of the Personal Agility Lighthouse™ (PALHTM) Model, built on seven flavors. AgilityDiscoveries explores the subtleties of getting the organizational outcome through these skill sets. It comprises of Learning, Cerebral, Emotional, Education, Change, Political, and Outcomes Agility. There is a certification at the end of the workshop for those who wish to take it.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

High level Agenda

Ground rules, logistics, introduction , agenda

Self analysis

Synopsis of the PALHTM Model

1st Group Exercise

Each group shares findings

2nd Group Exercise

Each group shares findings

Certification Exam (optional)

Wrap up

Everyone goes home armed with PA capability to use the next day

Learning Outcome

Honing Business Agility that includes 7 flavors

Continuous Self-improvement

Work your brains and minds regularly

Soften politics with Organizational adaptability

Target Audience

Anyone or any organization that needs clarity can get to where they want to be. The workshop is about future competencies that are essential for the transformation for organizational agility. Personal Agility can be applied to any individual, both from a personal and professional perspective. Personal Agility is about individuals and the goal is to build better organizations. The model refers specifically to individuals.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic working knowledge of agile methodologies/tools within agile projects and agile leadership – Be open-minded.

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