The talk, ‘Agile for All – Transformation Journey of a Telco', shall cover the Agile Transformation journey in a Telecommunication Operator with 500+ employees. It shall explain why transformation was important in achieving the best ROI, identifying the 'Fit for Purpose', and achieving Happy Customers and Happy Employees. The talk focuses on the real time experiences, stating what challenges were faced during the transformation, how they were mitigated, how the transformation was structured and what worked and what not.

The talk is designed with real time experiences in the telecom industry, and co- relates the practices into an Agile framework.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The talk shall cover the following areas

  • The state of Agile in Nepal
  • Why go for an Agile Transformation in a telco
  • A holistic approach for change
  • How the Agile transformation was structured, with the key business objectives
  • Main challenges faced during the transformation and how they were mitigated
  • The success stories
  • A failure project with waterfall model and how agile helped in the success of the project

Learning Outcome

  1. Agile gives a better visibility on your portfolio. Failures could still be there, but with Agile practices you get a better vision of the best practices.
  2. Exemplary leadership is equally important, together with strong company values, and process and tools for a Holistic Agile Transformation.
  3. There will be challenges with Cultural Change, User Engagement, Performance and ROI while implementing Agile. However, embracing these challenges with the ‘best fit’ shall lead to successful Agile Transformation.
  4. You could use different flavors of Agile (Scrum/ Kanban or Scrumban) in your organization, as an effective framework.
  5. There is a lesson learnt with every failure in a project. However, clear communication and better planning of scope is always important.

Target Audience

Agile Project Managers, Agile Scouts, Agilist, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites



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