Becoming a leader that others want to follow is more than process and the agile mindset. Instead, it is applying our best selves consistently and sacrificially in service of our teams as we lead them in fulfilling the mission.

During this session, Eric will illustrate how effectively shepherding our teams produces remarkable results. The presentation centers on elements of servant leadership that include distinct and interdependent parts such as: leading yourself, engaging teams effectively, helping teams connect with us, creating safety, and effective leadership. The presentation is a mix of slides and video that engages the participants to think about how they can grow in becoming a better leader.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Leading yourself
  • Entering the world of others
  • Connections
  • Safety
  • Leading
  • Aligning
  • Doing something remarkable

Learning Outcome

  • How to become the leader others are waiting to follow
  • Telling your leadership story
  • Connecting authentically with your team
  • Examples of how to increase empathy across the team
  • How to ensure the best chance of successful deliver

Target Audience

Product professionals who lead or are interestested in leading a team.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Individuals who have wondered why it is harder to move their teams from here to there quickly and efficiently. This talk provides answers to this problem.


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