As per recent surveys, ~90% of agile transformations are not successful. Studies have indicated that major reasons behind this failure are lack of leadership support, lack of supporting environment, inability to change the mindset of people.

In this talk, we will share our learnings from a agile transformation of a very large global consulting player. We will talk about how we changed ways of working (WOW), created suitable environment, which enabled us to change mindset of leaders and the teams so that they can thrive in this transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Setting Context - 5 min

  • Customized Transformation journey as per context

Changing habits and culture- 15 mins

  • Sustainable transformation - practices vs habits
  • Measure what matters - Agility in finding ways to achieve OKRs
  • Team Collaboration, Learning culture

Org and leadership mindset - 20 mins

  • Framework agnostic transformation
  • Re-thinking Org Design
  • Empathy with existing roles
  • Leadership alignment and support

Summary and Q&A - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

Insights into real life case study of team and organization level agile transformation

How to cultivate agile mindset

How to create supporting environment

Challenges and obstacles faced in our transformation journey

Target Audience

Leaders, executives, agile coaches, managers, change agents, scrum masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of agile


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Public Feedback

    • Vikrant Kardam

      Vikrant Kardam / Nilesh Kulkarni - The Genesis of DevOps

      45 Mins

      In today's world where Technology is at the Core of Businesses, faster value delivery and shorter cycle time is the key. For a few years now, DevOps and associated techniques are used by many organizations to get better at automated deployments, seamless code integration, automated testing, environments management etc. However, in most cases, these are practiced just as a "practice" without understanding why they are doing it. In many cases, it is just a technical quest driven by competition. Also, most implementations are limited only until creation of CI/CD pipelines.

      This talk provides core understanding on the Genesis of DevOps providing an in-depth coverage of how the IT systems have evolved over time, how the customer behavior has changed demanding the businesses to change, and how DevOps helps meeting those demands. Also covered is how to cultivate the associated Culture that is crucial for effective DevOps implementation. Talk covers topics beyond CI/CD providing a holistic view of of DevOps including techniques/practices as well as the Enablers of DevOps in an Enterprise.