How many times did you hear: legacy systems are not a good fit for Agile transformation? Have you ever said it yourself? I want to tell you a story of a digital transformation in Premier to prove you wrong. Agile is not only a great fit for the legacy applications, it an absolute business necessity, because how else can you provide incremental value for hundreds or thousands of users through a flexible adjustable roadmap?

My story is not going to be about an immediate success. We've had our fair share of problems, challenges, and small failures. "Legacy" means "old". It means - outdated technology stack, messy dependencies, code that nobody understands, manual testing, manual builds, manual deployments, redundant features. Also, customer issues, bugs, performance issues, scalabiity concerns. Wait, did I mention dependencies?

Come to the session if any of this sounds familiar, if you're afraid of starting the Agile transformation, or if your company already went through a number of initiatives but the old habits die hard. I will share the valuable lessons we've learned from our experience, the strategies to apply to make the changes stick, as well as the anti-patterns to watch for.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1) Introduction 3 min

2) Jump start Agile transformation in a legacy space - 5 min

3) Relentless automation - where to begin? - 5 min

4) Quality - elevate testers! - 5 min

5) Path to modernization - 2 min

Learning Outcome

1) Specific advice and helpful tips to kick off an agile transformation in a legacy space, such as

  • how to start delivering every sprint?
  • how to kick start automation?
  • how to focus on quality?
  • how to build path to modernization?

2) Challenges, anti-patterns and potential pitfalls to watch out for, like

  • not sufficient, or not consistent training for teams and product owners
  • funding that doesn't prioritize technical debt
  • culture that doesn't focus on quality

Target Audience

Developers, testers, managers, product owners



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