The ongoing challenge of self-organisation in leadership teams

As agilist we really like the idea of self-organisation. However when we check in reality how well self-organisation is working, we realise that there are limitations to it and that the conditions need to be right for this to work. What conditions make it work and what does not work? In this talk i will discuss what i have learned from working with a leadership team that tries to self-organise. Somethings went well, many did not. We keep experimenting and learning. There is also the challenging position as leader in an Agile team where you always feel like you are not living up to the "agile ideal" unless your team is fully self-organising. It is very difficult to find the right balance. Come and explore this complex space with myself in this talk.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

10 min Intro and concepts of self-organisation

5 min Setting up the scenario of the case study

15 min Discussion of the experiments and what happened

10 min lessons learned for people to takeaway

5 min Q&A

Learning Outcome

Self-organisation sounds easy (just do it) but is actually very difficult to get right.

Using the Laloux model we will talk about culture and how this impacts self-organisation.

Some conditions on how to make self-organisation successful.

Target Audience

Members of self-organising teams, Leaders who want their teams to self-organise

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some understanding of the principles of self-organisation will be helpful. I will however start from the beginning and catch everyone up.


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