Agile is often considered the cool thing to do. Leaders focus on getting ticking the boxes to get themselves certified as agile. Is their commitment enough? How much of the success depends on active leadership as opposed to the generally pervasive way of delegation? Is an in house transformation more successful than outsourcing the transformation? I like to explain this through LIDO[Lead, Inhouse, Delegate, Outsource] quadrant which explains how these various parameters affect the transformation in an organisation. I would also introduce what I call as the "Law of Conservation of Agility"


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduce and Explain the Law of Conservation of Agility

2. Introduce the LIDO Quadrant of Agility

3. Explain each quadrant of LIDO with examples

4. Explain with examples the journey of two organisations which were in different quadrants of LIDO and how their transformation journey panned out.

Learning Outcome

Learners will understand how

1. Agility cannot be imposed

2. Agility is beyond the "mechanics" that most transformations focus on

3. Understand how different organisations of the same company had a different experience with their transformation based on how leadership acted and how they used agile change champions

Target Audience

Leaders, Change Agents

Prerequisites for Attendees


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