How to be lean - What is it and where do I start

What is lean?
We've all heard about it - is it about decreasing wastes... improving the efficiency... Increasing flow...?

How does one implement lean, where/how do I start...

This session is to introduce you to the Lean fundamentals, followed by the efficiency paradox, the efficiency matrix and some techniques to improve flow.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. From resource focus to flow focus
  2. The fundamentals of flow
  3. The efficiency paradox
  4. The efficiency matrix
  5. Ways to increase your flow

Learning Outcome

A clear understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of lean
  • The Lean paradox
  • The Efficiency Matrix
  • Ways to increase your flow

Target Audience

Beginners interested in lean

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have an interest in learning about Lean, what it is and how to get work to flow


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