Dysfunctional teams - How to stop the bickering and start performing

Anybody who has worked in teams has at least 1 experience where there was constant bickering, talking behind people's backs, lack of cooperation and very little gets achieved/delivered... tragically, this may be the norm in some organisations.

What makes some teams awesome to be a part of, and other a nightmare to endure?

This talk deep dives on how to turn a dysfunctional team around using an approach called "Radical Candor".

Radical Candor means "Challenging Directly and showing you Care Personally at the same time" by Kim Scott

I'll walk through the framework, take you through my experience transforming an Agile team, how to start, and things to watch out for


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. The job of a servant leader
  2. The four communications methods
    • Obnoxious aggression
    • Manipulative insincerity
    • Ruinous empathy
    • Radical candor
  3. How to give feedback
  4. How to get radical candor started in your team
  5. What outcomes to expect

Learning Outcome

Improvements in the following:

  • Effective retrospectives
  • Collaboration and transparency
  • Quality solutions and customer experience
  • Team happiness
  • Building the right culture

Target Audience

Anybody who wants to be part of an high performing team

Prerequisites for Attendees


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